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Transfer Point Beta-1,3D Glucan

Beta-1,3-D Glucan

Transfer Point Beta-1,3D glucan comes in 100 mg and 500 mg sizes.

Suggested use for healthy people: One, 100 mg capsule per 100lbs of body weight per day. For those facing a short term challenge (going to the dentist for a cleaning, surgery, visiting the sick in a hospital or taking a plane flight) increasing to one 500 mg per day is suggested.

Customers with health concerns should take 500mg per 50 lbs. of body weight per day. 

Look below for a simple dosage chart.

Take thirty minutes before eating or two hours after eating. You may take the entire amount at one time.

Don’t get caught without maximum immune support when you need it most.

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Beta Glucan

100 mg.
60 capsules



Beta Glucan

500 mg.
30 capsules



Beta Glucan

500 mg.
60 capsules


Suggested Daily Amount:
Body Weight (lbs) 500 mg Capsules per day 500 mg Capsules per month 500 mg Bottles per month
100 2 60 1
150 3 90 1.5
200 4 120 2
250 5 150 2.5
300 6 180 3
350 7 210 3.5
400 8 240 4

* These amounts are for those dealing with immune insufficiency based on results of studies to date.

  • If you cannot afford the normal price for the total dosage please click here to review my discounts, because it is important to get beta glucan into your system. Contact me if you have further questions.

  • If you have minor health concerns and feel you need to strengthen your immune system consider taking one (1) 500 mg capsule per day.

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