Patient Discount

Patient Discount

I have offered customers with chronic health concerns a special discount for years and will continue to do so. Our world is changing and so please note the following:

Tough times… let’s help one another.

I’ve always been concerned about my customers on fixed incomes and those whose  medical bills are hurting their ability to purchase not only their supplements, but normal things like food and gas. (We understand… our medical bills are now over $800,000).

dispatcherEach month I give away an average of 11% of my total sales in the form of  discounts (and another 10% or more to charitable organizations).

I’m going to ask you to do the following and I trust my customers to be honest in their choices:

If you can afford the normal price please do not use a coupon codeThis helps me offer discounts to those that really need them.

If you already have a coupon code you are ‘grandfathered in’. Please continue to use the code you have. (If you have lost your code please follow the instructions below.)

Please click here to receive new instructions on how to receive the new coupon codes.

I know this is a bit different but I hope that by working together we can help everyone, especially those who are really struggling, both  physically and financially.

Blessings to all!